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Top tips for Taos, New Mexico include creating your own bespoke itinerary.

One of the top tips for Taos is to fly into Santa Fe and then drive.

Ready for a water ceremony down by the river?

I went to Taos, New Mexico on a solo adventure. I didn't know anyone there, got comfortable eating meals alone and I even brought a book to a bar. Solo travel is something you have to try at least once.

Taos has a population of 5,950 and is just under an hour and a half from Santa Fe, which is where I flew in from. It's an artsy small town where many people are life-long residents, but not because they're stuck in their hometown – they actually want to be there. This community thrives on creativity and the arts and it's easy to see.

I met with the Native Roots Collective, and if I'm being honest I was a bit skeptical at first. It's something I've never done before. My itinerary stated that we would be doing a water ceremony, a corn ironing ceremony and a sage bundle harvest. But that's why I travel – to see and experience the traditions of other cultures and places.

This small town has a McDonalds, which is one of the top tips for Taos.

I completely left my comfort zone as I met with the elders who would be leading the ceremony. Was I nervous? Yes, duh (as I stood along the river in my lime green Crocs) after a 50-minute car ride. I learned about how the natural elements of Taos contribute to those who live in it. To state a purpose and define a perspective that I haven't thought through before. To focus on breath. To zone the entire world out – because yes, it's noisy out there. The things that make us skittish at first are often some of the best times, the ritual was peaceful and set the tone for my next few days in Taos.

Now when I think of Taos, it's not just a place to me. What I learned from spending the morning with the elders I think about often, and apply these new perspectives in other aspects of my daily life.

When I do honest travel newsletter editions, I share a cheat sheet of what to see, eat and where to stay…no fluff, no bullsh*t. It's a choose your own adventure itinerary, which my top tips for Taos will help you plan!

Top tips for Taos include getting spiritual with healers.

Top Tips for Taos: What to See.

Rio Grande Balloons Imagine flying in the air over the Rio Grande gorge as the sun is rising. Surreal. Magical. Mesmerizing. Afterwards we celebrated our flight with champagne which is a tradition for hot air ballooning. Was definitely worth the 4:30 AM wakeup call.

Native Roots Ancestral Folk and Herbal Medicine Collective I talked about my experience above, but you truly get a feel for the local communities of Taos.

Hiking Do the Rio Grande Del Norte and Gorge Bridge, the second highest bridge on the U.S. Highway System and the fifth highest bridge in the United States.

Rafting The Rio Grande if you're up for an adventure and yes – you will get wet.

The Little Goat House A 45-minute drive from Taos, but it's a fun and easy hike with goats (who will probably try to jump on you).

Harwood Museum of Art Wide range of art from local to national.

Local shopping From jewelry to art to local businesses, this small town has a lot to offer.

Op. cit. Books Taos I always make sure to find a local bookstore when traveling. This one is amongst the John Dunn Shops downtown.

Flying in a hot air balloon is one of the top tips for Taos.

Top Tips for Taos: Where to Eat.


Chokola Locally owned and straight from the bean. Some of the best chocolate I've had.

Farmhouse Café & Bakery Local and sustainable and a big sense of community. They also serve healthy scratch made meals daily to schools throughout the year.

La Cueva Very authentic New Mexican and Mexican dishes.

Manzanita Market A wide range of options and their ice cream is made in-house in small batches.


Taos Mesa Brewing Taproom Great spot for some pizza and a very nice variety of local beer.

Burger Stand Fun, casual restaurant with seating outside and yes – the burgers are good here.

The Gorge Bar & Grill Perfect location in the heart of Taos (and for adventuring around after).

Ranchos Plaza Grill Known for their traditional New Mexican cuisine and their famous sopapillas.

Just Dinner

Love Apple It's cash-only and is located in what used to be a Catholic church from the 1800s.

Orlando's It's casual, very authentic, big portions and very good!

Sabroso Upscale (think filet mignon) so probably don't wear shorts.

Lambert's Fancy and very hard to get a reservation so plan ahead – it'll be worth it!

Aceq Farm fresh and a unique menu (peep the cajun truffle fries).

Finding a place that is cozy is a top tip for Taos.

Top Tips for Taos: Where to Stay.

El Monte Sagrado This place is a dream. It's upscale but won't break the bank. It's secluded, has amazing staff and I even had a jacuzzi in my room!

Ojo Caliente One of the country's oldest health resorts. The mineral springs and resort is tucked between the rugged desert cliffs and cottonwood-lined bosque. Build a cracking piñon fire in rooms' Kiva fireplaces or soak at your whim, day or night the Mud Pool, Large Pool, Arsenic Pool and Kiva Pool, each with their own healing properties and unique ambiance.

Casa Gallina Spanish for Hen House, takes the name literally with its five adobe casitas for guests and mudded adobe hen house for the flock of around 40 chicken and Big Daddy, the property's rooster.

Inn on La Loma Plaza Rustic charm at its best is on display at this hacienda steps from the Historic Taos Plaza featuring guestrooms with Southwest ambiance including kiva fireplaces, hand-carved woodwork, and private decks.

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