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Jimmy Rox is the ultimate hub for honest travel and shower thoughts.

Thank you for letting me into your inbox – I know it's a special place and I promise Jimmy Rox won't make a mess.

Although I’ve traveled all over as a journalist, I’m still reluctant to call myself a world traveler. Growing up in New Jersey, my family went to Hershey Park every Summer and by the time I was in college I flew on an airplane less than 5 times. It wasn’t until I was 27 that I left the country for the first time, which was to go to London for work. Prior to 2016, I never had a passport. That was all I knew. Travel and adventure solely lived on my desktop background, my social media newsfeed and in the books I read.

Before I was a journalist, I was an art director in NYC for 6 years. It shaped my whole career still today. To pick up a copy of Cosmo and see my name printed is something I never imagined to be in the cards for me. I got into writing because I submitted an article to The Huffington Post about my grandma's battle with Alzheimer's. It's still my favorite story I've ever written. That ironically led me to opportunities to cover mostly travel, so I'd like to think that everywhere I've been in the world is because of my yiayia. I have her with me.

I’ve written and continue to write for major publications such as Cosmo, Country Living, Betches, Esquire and more. Creating this newsletter has allowed me to define my own voice, without the trendy bullsh*t clickbait we see all over the internet. I'll always keep it real with you, don't worry.

Each week you'll find something different on Jimmy Rox, from Honest Travel guides to personal narratives, pro tips, giveaways and inspiration to take the damn trip. Go somewhere you didn't expect even if it scares you…like scuba diving 90 feet below the surface. The other side of my newsletter is shower thoughts – the relatable but random think pieces like why you shouldn't be too busy or here's what someone told me about grief.

So buckle up, enjoy the ride and I’ll talk to you next week.

Be good,


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