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There are several things you should know before you go for a swim in the Dead Sea.

It's on the top of everyone's bucket list, and for good reason. Here's what to expect.

With a body of water that’s made up of 30 percent salt, it feels like you're sitting on a foam noodle but there’s no noodle in sight. It’s a funny feeling for sure. Using the word “swim” might be a bit of a stretch, because it’s nearly impossible in these conditions. You also want to avoid going under water because it will literally burn your eyes, so the best activity is to just float.

The Dead Sea (which is technically a lake) is the lowest point in the world, sitting pretty at 417 feet below sea level. It’s easy to see why a top bucket list item is to swim in the Dead Sea because there’s really nothing quite like this natural marvel.

A swim in the Dead Sea means floating has never been easier.

I need to call out that unfortunately, the Dead Sea is shrinking at a pretty alarming rate – losing about 40 inches of water a year. That’s more than 65 feet in the last 20 years. It’s also been reported that beaches have been swallowed up by giant sinkholes. No matter where you are, always be aware of your surroundings and stay in designated areas. Here are some honest travel tips you should know…

You won’t find any fish.

Can you guess what lives in the *Dead* Sea? There is no visible life here including plants or fish so you don’t have to worry about curious creatures coming at your feet. Somebody call Salt Bae because this body of water is 9 times saltier than regular ocean water.

It’s salty AF.

Hope this isn’t TMI, but ladies and gents, do not shave a couple days before going to swim in the Dead Sea because it will sting like a motherf*cker. If you have any cuts you’ll feel it. And more importantly, do not go under water. I got splashed in the face because I was so excited (I know, naive of me) and damn did that burn my eyes.

It's not a myth, a swim in the Dead Sea is very salty.

People can purchase mud to use for those Instagram shots.

Most photos you see on social media of tourists in the sea covered in mud might not literally be from the ground that they’re standing on. Hotels there sell Dead Sea mud which our tour guide bought for us beforehand. Wow, that sounds so commercialized and I’m cringing as I write this sentence but would you expect any less nowadays?

It’s said to be the most mineral-rich mud on earth containing more than 20 kinds. Many of the minerals such as sodium, magnesium, calcium and zinc have therapeutic, detoxifying and healing properties.

Bring a baggie to take some salt home.

The entire ground of the sea where I visited was salt crystals. In certain areas, the clumps are the size of golf balls. The salt isn’t good for cooking but you can either have it as a little souvenir or use it in a bath on your skin. After my swim in the Dead Sea I brought a couple baggies to bring some home for my friends and family so if you want some, LMK and I will send you a little baggie :)

Bring back salt as a souvenir after your swim in the Dead Sea.

Some hotels have private beach areas.

If you’re planning a visit when it’s safe to travel again, I suggest staying at a hotel for a night there. Most have private areas as the public sections can get really crowded. Also if you’re a bit obsessed like I am, staying over meant I got to see the Dead Sea in the afternoon, at sunset and sunrise. My hotel was a stone’s throw away from the beach.

Swim in the Dead Sea and Float on!

Floating is so easy here you basically don’t even have to do anything with your arms. The water would flip me from my back to my stomach – such a cool feeling! For a fun photo, bring a prop to hold while floating like a book or newspaper to prove you did swim in the Dead Sea.

A swim in the Dead Sea is effortless.

Be good, JB

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