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To be the biggest tourist in Los Angeles you need to see the sights.

Whoever says being the biggest tourist in Los Angeles cheesy obviously doesn't know how to have fun.

We're tabling hidden gems for another newsletter because today I am here to tell you that it's A-OK to be the biggest f*cking tourist in Los Angeles. Yes, locals might be rolling their eyes at this, but these attractions are popular for good reason and need to be experienced at least once. I may or may not have hiked the Hollywood Sign more than five times in my life, many of which alone.

When I travel I like to see things that are iconic to the place I'm visiting. Seeing photos of the Santa Monica Pier for years and being able to actually walk it, play in the arcade and buy some cotton candy is just special. I'm a sucker for cheap thrills, don't tell anyone. So whether it's your very first time in the City of Angels or you live there, here are my favorite ways to be the biggest tourist in Los Angeles and visit the spots that are definitely worth the hype to throw onto your bucket list

Santa Monica Pier

I'm a Jersey boy, so I do see a lot of my roots reminiscent of Seaside Heights Boardwalk back home. It's even better IMO to visit at night, with the rides and ferris wheel illuminated against the elusive backdrop of crashing waves. Since we're playing up the nautical theme, stop by for a bite at Rusty's Surf Ranch.

Fun fact: Santa Monica Pier (as of 2009) is officially the end to Route 66 which was created in 1926 as a link between Chicago and Los Angeles. Make sure to take a picture in front of the sign!

 A visit to the Santa Monica Pier makes you the biggest tourist in Los Angeles

Hollywood Sign

The sign was originally constructed in 1923 as a real-estate advertisement that read “Hollywoodland”. After the sign was rebuilt in 1949, “land” was dropped. When you get to the top, you're overlooking the giant letters from behind which is a POV you can't get anywhere else. Be the biggest tourist in Los Angeles and take the damn photo with it!

If you time it just right, you can hike up to the Hollywood Sign then trek another two miles to Griffith Observatory in time for sunset, which overlooks the entire city. The hike up is pretty easy with most of it paved, but if you're feeling adventurous there are some tougher treks with less crowds but equally amazing views. Another alternative is a horseback ride for sunset with Sunset Ranch Hollywood.

Being the biggest tourist in Los Angeles means being cultured at the Griffith Observatory.

Griffith Observatory

You know Griffith is special when Adele literally shuts it down to film a concert for television. The only way to do it is at sunset (big sunset guy here, obviously) and then spend the next hour looking at planets through some of their high-tech telescopes. From the building itself to the vibe of people just hanging out and taking in the views, it's a special place to me. I have to go every time I'm in LA, even if I don't have time to do the hike.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Head to the backlot and check out that movie magic! If you were a fan of Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Gilmore Girls, Pretty Little Liars, Lethal Weapon, Harry Potter and a ton more then you should definitely, definitely check out the Warner Bros. Studio Tour. You'll see actual sets including the New York City (fake) street where Spiderman had that iconic and wet upside down kiss.

To be the biggest tourist in Los Angeles you have to go to Hollywood.

Manhattan Beach

When I think of Los Angeles, I think of the breezy beach town vibe around Manhattan Beach Pier. You can walk out and stand above the waves with determined surfers, or head to some local bars and restaurants with some pretty sweet views. It's more upscale than Santa Monica and Venice, but not stuck up. Every time I've gone there I will always befriend some of the locals. Cultured is a pretty neat new brewery steps from the pier.

The Getty

There are so many cool museums to check out, but one that really stood out to me was The Getty. The architecture is just as cool as the art IMO. There's a hidden Cactus Garden with panoramic views surrounding it at the South Promontory. Just be sure to walk through every garden there because there are 32 full-time gardeners on-site so they are stellar.

Eating at the iconic In N Out means you have officially become the biggest tourist in Los Angeles.

In-and-Out Burger

You can't go to LA without getting an In-and-Out Double Double animal style. In case you didn't know, their not-so-secret menu includes animal style for their burgers and fries, which includes melted American cheese, caramelized onions and their house sauce.

Hope you hop off the plane at LAX soon, JB

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