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One of the best things to do in Terlingua is have an ATV adventure.

Welcome to this ghost town with a population of 110.

I did a 10-day Texas road trip this past November from El Paso to Marfa to Terlingua to San Antonio and then Austin. Yes, it was a bit ambitious looking back on it but each destination had a totally different vibe which was cool to see in one go.

Terlingua, literally a ghost town, was different. It's located just 12 miles from the Mexican border and was by far the most “Texan” place I visited. I say that in the best way, because when I travel I want to be fully immersed and not just in another city with a Starbucks and Chipotle on every corner.

I fully understand the term “local watering hole” now because there is one area with a General Store and a restaurant with live music that brings all of the locals together. By far, the people were the most interesting draw of this small town.

While I waited to be seated, this cowgirl named Michelle was determined to show me her horses. Margarita in hand, she walked down to her trailer, untied her fellas and rode them right up to the restaurant doors. Now that's some great southern hospitality!

The main attraction is Big Bend National Park and besides that it is very desolate it is just under 2 hours from Marfa. Of all the best things to do Terlingua has too many to count, including:

Riding horses is one of the best things to do in Terlingua.

Best Things To Do and See in Terlingua.

Big Bend National Park This is a huge park, so definitely map out where you want to go. Below are two cool spots. Dress and plan accordingly, it gets hot, hot, hot in the Summer and temperatures drop at night.

Santa Elena Canyon This is the most popular hike in the park. Just note that once you enter Big Bend via your vehicle, it's a 50 minute drive to get to this spot with little to no cell service.

Boquillas Hot Spring I know, hot springs in warm Texas sounds a bit silly, but make the trek over to these…it's worth it!

Explore the ghost town It's next to Starlight Theatre and the General Store.

ATV Riding (with Far Flung Outdoor Adventures) Definitely recommend this as it's a unique way to explore and the tour was well over 2 hours. If ATV isn't your thing they offer Jeep tours too.

Best Places to Stay in Terlingua.

Casita Stay in your very own casita! Definitely, definitely the move IMO. The wifi sucks but in a place so isolated from the world, why would you want it?

Basecamp Terlingua I don't mind paying more if it's something elevated and memorable. There's options from staying in a bubble to a casita and even a retro trailer.

Willow House If you're feeling really bougie, check this out. I personally was living my best Texan life in my financially cheaper casita, but the architecture at the Willow House is pretty sweet.

Camp! On Hipcamp you can find campsites nearby. In a small town like this, laying under the stars is just surreal. Buy groceries beforehand because Terlingua is called a ghost town for a reason…

Finding a unique hotel is one of the best things to do in Terlingua.

Best Spots to Eat in Terlingua.

Starlight Theatre The coolest spot in Terlingua. Specials include Tequila-Marinated Quail and Chicken-Fried Wild Boar. If you didn't know, quail is very popular in Texas. They have special events and live music and many customers are real cowboys and gals.

Espresso Y Poco Mas Local breakfast spot from espresso to burritos located across the dirt road from Starlight Theatre.

DB's Rustic Iron BBQ Small but mighty. Some of the most authentic BBQ you'll come by.

More stops to add to the itinerary.

Marfa, Texas Probably the most famous small town in America and there is plenty more to explore other than the Prada art installation.

Marathon, Texas The Gage Hotel is overall a great spot, about a 2-hour drive.

One of the best things to do in Terlingua is visit a local bar by horse.

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