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A key flight hack is to know what not to order on a plane.

You won’t look at these menu items the same way…

I’m not here to gross you out, I’m just looking out for you as a friend. June was a big travel month for me…I was on more than seven planes from various airlines (but never ever Spirit).

On my 6AM flight I did some investigative journalism and went straight to the source…flight attendants. I asked them what you should never order on an airplane and let me tell you, they didn’t give a f*ck and told me everything.

This isn’t based on certain airlines, just general precautions that I’m advising. Doing research for this newsletter was a lot of fun and will do more of these.

Here are some useful flight hacks based on my findings…

Flight Hack: Avoid Ice cubes.

Delta Airlines is an exception here, but most airlines do not clean their scoopers. They will use them throughout various flights without a clean rinse. Delta however uses a new scooper that’s sealed in plastic wrap.

Flight Hack: Say No to Diet Coke.

So random, right? But yes, specifically Diet Coke. When you’re flying at a high altitude, all sodas are bubblier than usual when pouring, but Diet Coke is the main offender. This one flight attendant made a video here, and as you can see, it definitely is frustrating to wait for all that foam to fizzle down.

An important flight hack is to not risk the diet coke and coffee.

Flight Hack: Drink Coffee and Tea Pre-Flight.

I’m telling you this as a friend, not to gross you out, but multiple flight attendants told me that the canisters that hold hot water are rarely cleaned. Avoid anything that would use hot water which mainly includes coffee and tea.

Flight Hack: Calm down on the ‘double’ alcoholic beverages.

Maybe it’s just me, but getting a strong buzz in a confined space isn’t very fun for the person drinking or those around them. Your flight is probably so long that you’ll experience the buzz and hangover all before touching down at your destination.

Also remember that at a higher altitude, it might not take much to get you drunk compared to consuming a beer here on land.

Flight Hack: Be wary of the Bloody Mary.

Because of the high salt content and sitting on a plane for a long period of time, your legs can get very puffy. Drink at your own risk, but maybe save the drinks for after you check into your hotel to officially kick off vacation.

Flight Hack: Fish is a bad idea.

I’m not saying the fish is bad, but more importantly how it’s prepared. Typically, fish should be seared, broiled or cooked in the oven, but on planes they’re basically heated up in a microwave. Anything served hot is placed on a rack that has a container behind it of boiling hot water to heat up the food.

Gonna go hit up the late night McDonald’s drive thru now…

Be good,


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