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Expect the unexpected in this round up of top unique adventures.

My top picks for the top unique adventures of the year are…

This is my 60th edition of Jimmy Rox and 2022 was my first full year of sending weekly newsletters. Thank you for reading – all of you. I hope it’s inspired you to get lost in a new place and step outside your comfort zone.

In September 2019, I left my full-time advertising job in Manhattan where I was an Art Director for six years. This switch up in my life allowed me to just go for it – what did I have to lose? Since then, I’ve traveled to more than 35 destinations all over the world as a freelance journalist.

What I learned in 2022 is to go after what actually makes you happy. Don't leave it on the back burner. Go take the trip that you’ve been talking about for years. Life is short, I know I sound cliche, but it's true. Back in March 2020 we couldn’t leave our homes and everyone was posting about making bread on Instagram. What a time…

From road trips to foreign countries to hidden gems, I’ve rounded out some of my favorite places and recommendations where to go in 2024.

Top unique adventure #1 is learning to scuba dive in Bonaire.

Top unique adventure #2 is checking out abandoned President Heads in Williamsburg.

Top unique adventure #3 is chasing waterfalls in Iceland.

Top unique adventure #4 is exploring the arches in Moab.

Top unique adventure #5 is discovering Paris is not just for lovers.

Top unique adventure #6 is the open air accommodation in Saint Lucia.

Top unique adventure #7 is the quiet village of Varenna.

Top unique adventure #8 is the white sands dune national park.

Now please go use your PTO and don't let them go to waste. Pick one of these top unique adventures and have the time of your life. Happy new year!

Be good,


PS. This newsletter was originally sent out last year and it remains one of my top performing stories. If you enjoy this newsletter, forward it to a friend.


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