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Disposable cameras are making the ultimate comeback.

Disposable cameras are back stronger than a 90s trend.

We live in an age where instant gratification is expected, but what happens when it’s not? I don’t know about you, but as I’m drowning in technology I just want to be in a cabin under the stars away from it all. I’ve been using disposable cameras for years, and they have made a full-fledged comeback among Millennials and Gen-z.

HBO’s show Euphoria shot their latest season completely on film. They reached out to Kodak who produced more film specifically for this iconic show.

Most stores such as Costco, Walmart and CVS have completely phased out film development years ago. Buying and developing one disposable camera will run you about $40.

But why are they so popular again? I have a few thoughts on why disposable cameras are making a comeback…

Disposable cameras capture the unfiltered moments.

What’s old is new again.

Like choker necklaces a few years ago, trends run infinite loops and years later are shiny and new once more. The process of getting your disposables back weeks later is exciting, to see the shots for the very first time and not sorting through thousands of photos on your iPhone.

Social media isn’t about getting the perfect shot anymore.

The “perfect” Instagram photo isn’t it. Maybe it never was. To me it’s about capturing moments, not staging one. And people aren’t dumb – they know what’s authentic and what isn’t. Whether it’s posting on social media or writing articles, I use my photos to tell narratives which are often messy, unfiltered and a good ol’ photo dump.

Analog is a breath of fresh air.

We’re surrounded by so much technology yet we crave simpler times. A disposable camera with 27 shots on it is special – you can’t just take 100 pictures to later pick out the best one. With a limit, you put more thought into the moments you want to capture.

Disposable cameras help us detach from technology.

People want to live in the moment again.

I have over 70,000 photos on my Camera Roll and I worked full-time as an Art Director for 7 years. I’m a very visual person. But with disposables, there’s no pressure with getting *that* shot. Whatever pictures you get, you get. And if you don’t, well, it doesn’t really matter does it?

It looks f*cking cool.

Film photography a big mood. I don’t like the apps on our phones that mimic a disposable camera filter because it’s just not the same. Taking pictures of the most basic and mundane things will instantly look cool AF.

Want to try some out for yourself? These are Fujifilm disposables that I use and no this isn’t an ad.

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