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The best suite in St. Lucia only has two walls.

Would you stay at Jade Mountain?

When I first went on Jade Mountain's website, at first glance I saw a photo of the picturesque hotel lobby. After scrolling a bit more, I realized that it wasn't the lobby, rather one of the guest suites.

At Jade, the suites are called sanctuaries and for good reason. I won't BS you in saying that I've never stayed at a place quite like the magnificent Jade Mountain in St. Lucia. While it is a popular honeymoon destination, it's not just for lovers. I brought my brother and it was his first time leaving the US.

With the privacy of the sanctuaries and uniqueness of the rooms, celebrities are known to stay here. Fun fact: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has stayed in our suite before! Here is everything you need to know about the best suite in St. Lucia.

You can do yoga in the best suite in St. Lucia.

You're given a flip phone upon arrival.

Once you drive through Jade Mountain's gates, it takes 12 minutes to drive up the mountain. You rarely come across other guests on the property unless you're at the restaurant or beach. Built on a mountain (hence, the name), there is a lot of walking to get down to the shore.

But this isn't just any type of resort…upon checking in you receive an old school flip phone with one phone number in it. You can call it at any time of day or night for any request, which also includes a car picking you up if you don't feel like walking down to the beach. Each suite has a major domo (AKA a butler), who will take care of you throughout your stay.

There is a jacuzzi in the best suite in St. Lucia.

Your sanctuary is designed so you don't leave. (No wonder it's the best suite in St. Lucia!)

Imagine the irony of being in the beautiful Caribbean and you don't want to leave your room. In your sanctuary, you can have a six-course meal, a massage, a private yoga session and more. One couple set a record for not leaving their room for five full days. Five!

I can personally attest that my brother and I were laying on the beach, and we packed up our things after 15 minutes to go back to our suite and lounge there instead. Our infinity pool could easily fit 10 people comfortably. Undoubtedly this is the best suite in St. Lucia!

Two walls are missing and I'm not sure I can ever go back to four.

Most of the sanctuaries are missing one wall, giving guests an unobstructed view of the iconic Piton Mountains (and no, that view never gets old). My suite was called the Galaxy, basically the penthouse of Jade where two full walls were missing.

Being open to the lush jungle was truly like a fairytale – to lay in bed with a view of the orange sky at sunrise. Don't worry about the bugs or the lack of AC. My sanctuary had more than six ceiling fans and there was a mosquito canopy net to go around the bed.

The best suite in St Lucia is found at Jade Mountain.

All food is locally sourced – they even have their own farm!

I took a private tour of the farm where not only do they grow their own fruit, vegetables and even cocoa beans, but also a full brewery and flowers that's used throughout the resort. They partner with the local community as much as they can. During the pandemic, the son of the owner started an animal shelter.

We hiked the Pitons with our major demo.

Hiking the Pitons is no easy feat where at one point I was wondering how I was going to make it back down. Jade Mountain offers a new program where your major domo will come with you on the hike. We were picked up at 6:30AM with a boxed breakfast, were driven to the start of the hike where we met our guide and about three and a half hours later, we finished. No one on the island can hike the Pitons without booking a guide.

When not enjoying the best suite in St Lucia you can hike the Pitons.

Depending on the season, Jade Mountain sanctuaries start at $1,385 a night. Luxury is not overhyped here. However, there also is a sister property on the mountain right below Jade named Anse Chastanet that starts at $485 a night. Certain amenities such as Jade Mountain Club are exclusive to Jade guests.

I'm not sure if I'll stay anywhere like Jade Mountain again, but I soaked up every minute of the best suite in St. Lucia.

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