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Reinventing yourself is an art form that anyone can do.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, are you becoming who you are?

Has it really been two years since the lockdown? A lot has changed. Reinvention doesn’t mean you’re unhappy. We’re always evolving whether we try to or not. I know I’m not the same person that I was in March 2020…are you?

When we were left alone with our thoughts and literally not allowed to see people, it pushed us to reevaluate our lives and what’s actually important to us. We’ve learned to make the best of a sh*tty situation and I really believe that if all of this didn’t happen, a lot of our personal lives and values would look a lot different right now…

Without instant satisfaction, priorities change.

I’m talking about happy hours, nights out, birthday parties and social gatherings that were pulled out from under us overnight. We’ve had a lot of time on our hands. Puzzle sales increased, bread making was a trending topic and family walks became a thing. Time alone gave many a breather to focus on newfound priorities and how we want to spend our days.

Societal norms have gone out the window.

As a journalist, I have to say that the world can be a very judgmental place. Before the pandemic, having a gap in your resume was an issue, it was looked down upon to be on unemployment and taking a year off during college was discouraged. Now the rules are getting rewritten, and we’re gaining confidence to block out the noise and go after whatever the f*ck we want.

If not now, when reinvent yourself?

I saw a lot of people lose their jobs. They were employees there for so long that it became part of their identity. But instead of sitting on their asses and complaining about how unfair life is, I saw people completely change careers and thrive doing so.

My 70 year-old dad has gotten into audiobook recording and voice overs after retiring early from a career in IT due to the pandemic. He bought all of the equipment, took classes, submits auditions and edits all of his own stuff too. It’s something he’s always wanted to do but never made the time for it until now.

How are you reentering the world?

Are you ready to face the noise again? I’m reentering society a bit more confident with a few less f*cks to give and perhaps happier than ever. I love a fun night out at a bar, but I’ve also played more board games than I’d like to admit. I made some new friends since the lockdown and lost some friendships that honestly, looking back, were a bit superficial.

I hope you’re coming out of the pandemic with a good head on your shoulders to get you where you want to go and reinventing yourself to be someone you are proud of.

Be good,


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