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There are lots of pros and cons of solo travel

Regardless of the pros and cons of solo travel, take yourself on the damn trip.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to travel with people, but sometimes you just need a solo trip to check out from reality and only do everything that you want to do on vacation. It’s okay to be selfish sometimes…no one will be there to judge you :)

I went on my first solo trip to Taos, New Mexico and ended in Los Angeles. If I wasn’t by myself, I believe the trip would have been totally different. I was on my own schedule and found myself more outgoing to meet people (some of whom I still talk to today). I ventured around more instead of just posting up in my hotel room for the night. Pro tip: reading your book at a bar is a total vibe.

Solo travel is all about finding a balance and it really depends on the type of trip. If you’re on a cruise, there are plenty of settings where you can enjoy company and make new friends, but its completely different if you’re camping alone in a National Park.

If there’s one thing I love it’s making a pros and cons list, so let’s get right into it. Here are the pros and cons solo travel list.

Write your own pros and cons list of solo travel to determine if it's right for you.

Let’s talk about the pros…

You get to do everything that you actually want to do.

Traveling with a bigger group means that you probably will have to do some things that you don’t really care for, like waiting more than an hour for an overrated breakfast spot that your friend saw on Instagram.

No one can judge you.

You can be whoever the f*ck you want on vacation. Traveling alone, there is absolutely no one of relevance who can judge you so do you.

No drama for your mama.

Spending a vacation with your closest group of friends can sometimes be dangerous. All of that time together can spur arguments and annoyances that kill the vibe.

You’re more keen to make new friends.

Solo travelers stick together. I’ve befriended fellow hikers on a trail or even a group of people in the most random places. Alone, we’re more in tune with our surroundings. Just use your head and watch out for red flags.

It’s good to take a break from the people in your life sometimes.

Escaping the everyday routine also means those in it. Tell your family and friends that you love them dearly, but you need a time-out.

You’re more confident.

Without an adventure buddy, you can’t depend on another person. Everything’s on you and don’t read that as a bad thing – it’s empowering and gives you a new sense of freedom.

See what you’re really capable of.

You can truly see what you’re capable of outside of your comfort zone. Go to a bar alone or do things that you’ve never done solo…you never know who you’ll meet.

Expect faster customer service.

Eating out for one definitely has its perks. Usually the wait time is little to none and the service is quick. If you’re at an amusement park like Universal, they have special lines for solo riders.

Write your pros and cons of solo travel list but take that trip anyway!

Here are the cons…

It can get lonely.

As much as I love the freedom to explore, I’d be lying if I said I don’t get lonely. Every solo trip has its moments and you have to find a balance.

Who's taking photos of you?!

Did you even go on vacation if you didn’t post about it? (But please go on a trip and don’t tell anyone…it’s invigorating). I can never trust a random person to get a photo of me and yes I do spend a few minutes trying to scope out someone who looks like they actually know how to use a camera.

It can be dangerous.

Being alone in a new city can be dangerous and you have to be careful. Keep an eye out for red flags and make sure your family and friends know where you are.

There’s more heavy lifting on your end.

Half of the fun going on vacation with friends is the planning beforehand. Without anyone else, all of the planning is on you and there’s no one to split the long drives with!

The trip can be pricier.

You won’t be splitting the hotel bill which does add up if you’re solo. There are always alternatives like a hostel, Airbnb or crashing with a local buddy.

No one to share memories with.

If this is corny I don’t care, but whenever I bring a friend or one of my parents on a trip we talk about it for months, even years after. We get to create all of these new memories that bond us and on a solo trip, who do you get to share that with?

There’s so many great things about venturing alone but I love to travel with others too. Where do you stand?

Be good,


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