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Living in a Vanagon means you can go on epic adventures.

Living in a Vanagon means no wifi, no problem.

A van with my friends, going days without showering, no Netflix, swimming in secluded lakes, backgammon by the campfire and napping in a hammock – the ultimate escape from reality.

I don’t believe in traveling to run away from your problems…it doesn’t work that way. But I do believe in always pushing yourself to try new things to see what you’re really capable of because you just may surprise yourself.

My brother, Thomas and our friend, Marika have never lived in a van before, and we were all up for the adventure. We flew to Seattle and rented our van with Peace Vans, a company that builds and rents not only groovy Vanagons but also Mercedes vans as well. With our van, we took a ferry to the Olympic Peninsula, where we spent days exploring Olympic National Park, Hoh Rain Forest, Lake Crescent and more.

Here’s my photo diary of taking the road less traveled by and taking the scenic route because when you're living in a Vanagon you literally can’t go above 60 mph!

Living in a Vanagon means taking the road less travelled.

Living in a Vanagon is like living in a time capsule.

Living in a Vanagon is better with friends.

Living in a Vanagon means you can sleep in a forest.

Living in a Vanagon means cooking delicious meals outside.

We stopped at a grocery store before heading to our first stop, Kalaloch, which was a 4-hour drive. There's a fridge in our van and we had to be conscious about how little space we had. We camped overlooking the ocean.

Living in a Vanagon is not glamorous, but it is fun.

Living in a Vanagon gives you access to nature like this.

Living in a Vanagon means you can wake up and explore nature.

Hoh Rain Forest is a literal dream. The moss surrounding you doesn’t feel like you’re anywhere in the United States. We spent the day hiking.

Grab a friend and go live in a Vanagon.

Living in a Vanagon is all about the details.

Our van, named Elwha was the main character of this trip. If you’re a high maintenance person, I’m not sure if this is for you. But if you're down for the adventure, this experience was unforgettable. We really got to bond and just appreciate the small stuff, totally unplugged.

Life in a Vanagon is pretty great with views like these.

All smiles while living in a Vanagon.

Great friends and great memories made while living in a Vanagon.

Living in a Vanagon means bathing in lakes like this.

Lots of downtime while living in a Vanagon.

Lake Crescent was the perfect day. There wasn’t anyone there and the water was crystal clear. We spent hours playing backgammon and swimming in the lake without a set schedule.

No plans needed when living in a Vanagon.

Vanagon life is chill.

Pack minimally when living in a Vanagon.

We fell into a nice groove – who’s leading the charge on dinner, making a fire and cleaning the van for bed. In a small space, it’s important that you're all on the same page.

There will be lots of late nights under the stars when living in a Vanagon.

There is more space than you may expect when living in a Vanagon.

Boardgames are a must when living in a Vanagon.

Half the fun of traveling isn't just discovering a new place, but who you're exploring with. Are you up for the adventure?

Be good,


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Smile if you're keen to experience living in a Vanagon!


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