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Jimmy Rox debunks all the scuba myths out there.

Don’t worry about those damn sharks. It's just a scuba myth.

I received my open water scuba certification one year ago in Bonaire. It’s a Dutch Island in the Caribbean with more flamingos living on the island than people. Since then, I dove in five countries and received my advanced certification in Fiji.

As I initially started training, all I could think about was everything that could go wrong…and let me tell you my imagination ran freaking wild. Then after I was done spiraling, I’d think of everything that would go right. Going down below I'd see shipwrecks, coral reefs, the creatures in their natural habitat and not behind a glass wall. When I dive I feel like I’m escaping reality and entering an entirely new world.

Here are some myths and fears about scuba diving that once scared the sh*t out of me.

Getting eaten by a shark is just a scuba myth.

It's a scuba myth that only scary things are below the surface.

The ocean is dark is just a scuba myth. You can dive in clear visibility with lots of light.

You can breath underwater. Anything otherwise is just a scuba myth.

You'll always have a dive buddy with you. And a compass. So getting lost is hard to do.

Scuba diving is anything but boring. If you hear it is, it is a scuba myth!

Getting certified is easy and not a scuba myth. You can do so in three easy steps.

Find more information on the certifications here. I'm crossing a big bucket list item off my list next week…diving with the manta rays at night in Hawaii!

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