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Regardless of how many times you've gone, you want to be in the know on how to survive Coachella.

Are flower crowns still a thing?

Each year, Coachella tickets sell out months in advance without a lineup even being announced. So it's safe to say that a weekend in the desert isn't just about the music.

But what makes Coachella different from other music festivals? You're not just driving to a venue for a show. It's a ton of planning and dollars from securing tickets, flights, accommodations (many camp where they have silent discos at night), early wake-ups and most importantly…outfits.

I ventured to Indio, California the year of Beychella for work. You know you have cool coworkers when you can kick it at a music festival. Even if you're not going this year, concerts and music festivals are making a post-Covid comeback and these tips can be helpful wherever you go and how to survive Coachella...

Tips on how to survive Coachella are different in a post-Covid world.

Go the extra mile for the port-a-potties.

There will be a sea of port-a-johns, and yes, most are disgusting. Have you ever seen an overflowing toilet during Beyoncé's set? You don't even flush them so you can figure that one out. The key here is to trek all the way (far away) to the back where you'll be rewarded with a cleaner stall since many people just use one of the first ones they see. Also if you're VIP, they do have fancier ones that are more of a trailer.

Go old school with walkie talkies.

With over 100,000 people in the desert, chances are that you'll lose cell phone reception when you're on Coachella grounds. I'm taking it back to middle school here to tell you that walkie talkies will help you and your buddies out greatly. Also, who doesn't love a walkie talkie – *over*!

Make friends as they will help you learn how to survive Coachella.

Know who you want to see for the day ahead of time.

Artist times stay on schedule so don't be late. There are 7 major stages, so between you and your friends you should have a game plan of who you want to see and when. Definitely check out some new artists and if your friends don't want to see them, go solo. You'll probably make new friends along the way and they will also teach you how to survive Coachella.

The main stage view is sometimes better from general admission vs. VIP.

VIP definitely has its perks, but for viewing the main stage my hot take is that the general admission area had a better view. When I saw Beyonce there, the VIP section was insanely packed. There is a level above VIP called Artist Pass which gets you even closer, but you can't purchase them.

A top tip on how to survive Coachella is to book the right type of ticket.

Exclusive cocktails and liquor are sold inside VIP spaces.

Each year they're stepping it up so this may vary a bit, but most cocktails and hard liquor are sold in VIP sections such as the Rose Garden. Special pop ups are exclusively located there too such as Bar Flores.

Check out all of the non-music stuff.

Coachella isn't all about the music – there's art installations, brand activations and more that can only add to your weekend. Sephora had a salon to do festival-style hairstyles and American Express had a members-only shaded lounge with a bar along with other exclusives like a free ride on the ferris wheel. There also is a record store, an embroidery spot (which was always packed), and more.

Shopping is key if you want to learn how to survive Coachella in style.

Pace yourself – you are in the desert after all (and how to survive Coachella for real.)

Please be responsible – I don't care if I sound like your mom. Coachella is different because you are literally in a desert, so hydrate, don't be blacked out before Billie comes on and bring a hoodie…it gets cold when the sun goes down!

Be good,


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