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One of the top things to do in Curacao is to explore the ocean.

Bon Bini, dushi!

In Curaçao, Dushi is a common word in Papiamentu. The word has a variety of meanings; calling someone 'dushi' means sweetheart, babe or even sexy. You also use it for tasty food and to describe the good things in life.

This Dutch island is located in the Caribbean and is part of the 'ABC islands' which is Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao. With a population of 150,000 it has both the breezy island and city vibes all in one place. It's known for painted buildings with vibrant colors and no, you cannot paint your home black. It's just not the vibe.

You won't run into too many Americans here, which I loved, but many tourists from the Netherlands. Curaçao is unique because it has a city life that gives a good balance of things to do. From jet skiing to cliff jumping, here's my "top things to do" Curacao itinerary for this lesser-known island.

Art is at the top of a top things to do Curacao itinerary.

Top Things To Do in Curacao: What to See.

A scooter tour through town These scooters are fast but once you get the hang of it they're really fun. I may or may not have almost crashed numerous times. Zip around the historic city of Willemstad, a UNESCO World Heritage site filled with local shops, murals and brightly painted buildings.

Painting workshop at Francis Sling Art Cave Francis is a local artist and quite the jokester. Visit his studio, take a painting class with him and learn about the island through a local's perspective.

Shete Boka National Park This isn't a place to swim, but to see the powerful crashing waves on the island's northern coast. It has about 10 small bays where three species of sea turtles are known to lay eggs.

Exploring the streets is a top thing to do in Curacao.

Beach hop on a jetski with Tourrific Curaçao This was my favorite activity I did on the trip. It was my first time jet skiing and I even went cliff jumping. One of the beaches where you can snorkel, the famous Blue Room, is known to have many wild turtles swimming. The water is so clear they say it's like swimming in an aquarium with the wildlife.

Take a workshop at Den Paradera Herb Garden This was a bit out of my element but I really enjoyed it. The garden is at Dinah Veeris' home that contains many medicinal herbs that she grows.

Enjoy the beach! You can't go to the Caribbean without simply enjoying the beach (or pool) with a book and cocktail in-hand. Whenever I'm in the Caribbean I love drinking a Miami Vice.

Staying at an ocean front hotel is amongst the top things to do in Curacao.

Top Things To Do in Curacao: Where to Eat.

BKLYN This Brooklyn inspired Gastrobar really blew me away. While it does remind me of home, the food is local and the cocktails have funny names such as Lil' Kim and Bushwick Swizzle.

Plasa Bieu Ingredients here are bought daily to ensure fresh, local cuisine. They're known for their braised salted pork street, bokel (salted mackerel) kadushi (cactus soup) and yes – even iguana soup! It's tasty but very boney.

Bario Urban Street Food This outdoor food market has multiple options and a cocktail bar. Chef Heinrich Hortencia hails from the Netherlands, where he worked in a Michelin star restaurant, and the food can speak for itself.

Blue View Sunset Restaurant You can get a great view of cliff jumpers from here, sitting above the blue ocean. If you're feeling adventurous, order the iguana which is freshly cooked.

Fish & Joy An upscale bistro and wine bar with small plates. Everything on the menu offers something new with inspiration from Japan to Italy and of course the Caribbean.

BijBlauw An international kitchen with heavy European influence.

Making friends with others is a great way to get through your top things to do Curacao bucket list.

Ochenta Cocktail Bar These aren't any ordinary cocktails. The attention to detail shows and the owners are very friendly. A great vibe here.

Zanzibar Located at the Jan Thiel beach, it may seem a bit touristy but it is a lot of fun. Located on the beach, the cuisine has influences from East Africa. Enjoy a sunset dinner or late night snack.

Hofi Cas Cora This place is literally on a family farm with live animals and all. You guessed it – the food served is home-grown or locally sourced produce along with baked goods too.

Top Things To Do in Curacao: Where to Stay.

Corendon Mangrove Beach Resort A new beachfront 5-star resort comes with its very own mini waterpark with three slides, pools and more. Everything is spacious with a kid staff and my balcony was nearly double the size of my bedroom back home. Approximate pricing is $260 a night.

Renaissance Curaçao Resort & Casino Located closer to downtown, this property had an extensive renovation in 2019. There's an infinity pool, outdoor bars, the beach and if you're feeling lucky – a casino. Approximate piercing is $250 a night.

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