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One of the best tips for Hilton Head is that you do not need to dress preppy.

McDonald's once sued the island over a neon sign.

The island, which is shaped like a foot, is known for how dark it is at night, and there's a reason for that. The town goes to great measures to make sure it maintains low light to protect wildlife including sea turtles. There aren't any neon signs as most signage fits into the natural environment. In fact, McDonald's sued the town to get an illuminated sign and lost! The iconic arches are wooden and painted yellow.

While there are only 40,000 residents on Hilton Head, South Carolina, they welcome more than 2.5 million visitors a year. It's known for its amazing golfing which is great and all, but this breezy island has so much more to offer and one of the best tips for Hilton Head is to get outside and explore it all!

One of the best tips for Hilton Head is to watch the sunset.

Before visiting, I had this stereotype in my head that it was some stuck up place, but it's quite the opposite. Traveling with my cousin, we met locals who truly care about preserving wildlife and building businesses and lifestyles around the ecosystem. The coolest thing I did was a kayak tour where I got to see live oysters out in the wild that literally just look like rocks on the ground.

Before I get into my reccos, Hilton Head is a place for food – especially seafood. Each restaurant has dishes where they caught the fish just hours before it's sitting in front of you and bars on the water have a Summer vibe that just hits. Whether it's a stop on your road trip or a weekend getaway, here's my best tips for Hilton Head.

Best Tips: See in Hilton Head.

Adventure Hilton Head Tackle a 4-story aerial ropes course (it was intense) or ziplining. Due to laws to preserve the nature of Hilton Head, the zipline tower is the highest point on the island!

Kayak tour with Outside Hilton Head This isn't just a kayak ride but you learn so much about the ecosystem here. You'll see beds of live oysters along the water and learn about programs in place to preserve them. You might see a few dolphins too.

Kayaking is one of the best tips for Hilton Head.

Palmetto Bluff Shooting Club This was my first time skeet shooting – you shoot biodegradable disks flying in the air.

Shopping at Coligny The shops here are classic from locally owned to restaurants.

Beach! Being on the island, it's easy to find a beach for a relaxing afternoon or a morning run.

Palmetto Bluff Venture away from Hilton Head (under an hour) to this classic small town with the luxury of low country. Justin Bieber got married here.

Doing all the outdoor activities is one of the best tips for Hilton Head.

Best Tips: Eat in Hilton Head.

Hudson's Seafood House on the Docks Locally owned family business and is a mandatory stop in Hilton Head. Outdoor seating right on the water…perfect for sunset!

Skull Creek Dockside Right next door to Hudson's with an outdoor bar and seating. Walk the dock out to the water…it is called dockside for a reason :)

Octagon Restaurant If you venture to Palmetto Bluff, the Octagon is in the Montage resort.

Lucky Rooster Kitchen + Bar Upscale but you can still wear shorts – great variety of food from short ribs to oysters.

Hilton Head Social Bakery The owner, Philippe Feret used to be the executive chef of New York City restaurants such as Windows of the World, Tavern on the Green and The Regency Hotel. Everything on the menu is 10/10.

Hilton Head Ice Cream Shop A staple to Hilton Head with colorful flavors, you're never too old to scream for ice cream!

Poseidon Rooftop Bar New to Hilton Head, Poseidon's rooftop offers live music and ample space for a night out.

San Miguel's Sit on the marina with a margarita or Corona in hand for Happy Hour.

Exploring the bars is one of the best tips for Hilton Head.

Callahan's Sports Bar A local scene where you won't find tourists that is the epitome of a dive bar and I say that in a great way.

Club Seats Grille Another local bar with pool tables and an outdoor space.

Salty Dog Iconic to the island. Gotta get your iconic Salty Dog shirt too!

Best Tips: Stay in Hilton Head.

Westin Hilton Head I'm only including one hotel because I can't speak to others. From location on the island to being steps away from the beach and a balcony in your room to watch the sunrise, it's exactly what you need. Before dinner grab a drink at the bar by the pool – I loved the banana colada.

Finding a place that is cozy is one of the best tips for Hilton Head.

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