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Jimmy Rox shares his top tips for Saint Barths.

Staying at luxury hotels is one of the top tips for Saint Barths.

Is this celebrity hotspot worth the hype?

St. Barthélemy, a French island in the Caribbean, also known as St. Barths, is a popular destination amongst all types of celebrities from Jeff Bezos to Drake, the Kardashians, Dua Lipa, Leonardo Di Caprio and Beyoncé to name a few. It’s a luxe experience compared to other Caribbean islands, but it’s 100% worth the hype. It’s not all about the scene with plenty to do from a day on the boat to hiking, snorkeling with turtles and enjoying a beer at a local bar in Gustavia. This island’s most popular time to visit is between Christmas and New Years.

It’s easy for a hotel to promote luxury and it’s honestly complete bulls*hit. Thankfully, Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa was a dream. The food was the best I had on the island, my room opened out to the beach, steps away and the entire staff was exceptionally nice and accommodating.

Pro tip: meet as many locals as you can. They're French, their island vibe is contagious and overall such a fun time. Their vibe isn’t snooty and they’re very welcoming. Hope you enjoy my "top tips for Saint Barths" guide for this bucket list trip!

Saint Barths is full of beaches, with one of the best being Le Barthelemy Beach.

Top Tips for Saint Barths: What to See.

Spa day: Enjoy a massage or a facial at Le Spa. The Swedish vitality pools onsite are the only ones on the island.

Snorkel! On property, you can snorkel to spot giant conch shells and turtles in the protected Nature’s Reserve. You also can give back by planting coral out on the reef to help restore the surrounding reef with Coral Restoration St. Barth.

Scuba dive: If you’re certified, you should definitely go on a dive down below. On my dive I saw a tiger stingray!

Saint Barths is great for boating, which is one of the top tips.

Atma Janzu: Water healing therapies are unlike any type of spa treatment. This special session takes place in the ocean if the water is calm, or onsite in the pool.

Boat tour: Wherever you go in the Caribbean, a boat tour should always be on your itinerary. My boat day included snorkeling, sightseeing and lunch on the boat with some champagne of course.

Zero-waste cooking class: Le Barthélemy offers a cooking class with – as the name defines – doesn’t have any wasted ingredients. I made lobster ravioli and this French variation of it actually doesn’t use any cheese.

Colombier Beach: An easy hike down with great views. If you’re lucky you may come across some turtles on the way!

Shopping in Gustavia: Go shopping on the other side of the island from fashion to galleries and souvenirs.

Another top tip for Saint Barths is to visit Nikki Beach.

Top Tips for Saint Barths: Where to Eat.

Amis St. Barth: This restaurant is located on the property of Le Barthélemy and it was some of the best meals I had on the island. Sit on the beach for sunset and enjoy an acai bowl for breakfast served in a literal coconut.

Nikki Beach: This is the place to be seen and honestly, very much worth the hype. From the vibe to delicious sushi and cocktails, this is a must-see. Note that it’s only open during the day.

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. Rooftop (WTF): Located at Le Barthélemy, you don’t even need to leave the resort to have a lively night. WTF is a hotspot for locals too, with drinks, small plates and DJ nights with lots of dancing.

Amis is a must-visit restaurant and a top thing to do in Saint Barths.

Bagatelle: If you’re going for dinner (Mediterranean-inspired cuisine with French flair), make sure to stay long enough until people start dancing on the tables. It’s a ton of fun and a real taste of the true island culture.

Le Ti: After dinner head to Le Ti for a very unique experience…costumes included. This nightclub features live music, dance performances and you will definitely find yourself rocking a wig.

L'isoletta: The island is French so you can’t go wrong with some casual pizza.

Le Piment: A fun hang out spot that serves local burgers, tapas and more.

A top tip for Saint Barths is to stay at Le Barthelemy.

Top Tips for Saint Barths: Where to Stay.

Le Barthélemy: The service at this beachfront hotel is exceptional…so exceptional that when you press the “champagne” button on your phone, someone will knock on your door to deliver a bottle of champagne. The rooms are spacious and the balconies have remote-controlled screens so you can sleep with the doors open to hear the crashing waves without the bug bites.

Le Barthélemy Villa Rentals: If you’re looking for something more private, the villa rental service offers a range of stunning villas with pools and ocean views as well as access to the hotel’s amenities, including the spa and restaurant. Great for large groups.

By the way, all the photos featured on this newsletter were shot on film!

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