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The best travel buddy will make the adventure fun.

The best travel buddies make sure you are protected with sunscreen.

Will it be the best time or your worst nightmare?

As a travel writer, I am constantly on the road – usually with people I have just met. Most of the time I travel with other journalists and a publicist which definitely took some adjusting to at first. I found myself standing at the Eiffel Tower, not with my closest friends or loved ones, but a group of people that I just met at Newark Airport before flying across the Atlantic Ocean. In some ways, I really do love it. You can be independent but at the same time not totally alone. And if I'm lucky, these people become very good friends of mine. I love traveling with friends too, but sometimes while on vacation you don't always mesh. Everyone wants to do something different. Traveling together and spending an entire week nonstop can make or break a friendship. Before you book your flights, ask yourself these questions about what it takes to be the best travel buddy…

Are you on the same wavelength?

First and foremost, do you align on the type of vacation? If one of you is an off-the-beaten path kind of adventurer and the other is a laying poolside with a cocktail all day who doesn't want to be bothered, then I’m not sure you're both going to love it. You should be able to compromise of course, and a good way to do that is to make sure you each get to do the first activity on your priority list and go from there. I’m not a big foodie, nor a breakfast person and once on a trip I was outvoted on waiting for over an hour at a top rated spot for a bagel. FYI: the bagel wasn't great! I would have rather spent that time getting ahead on the day’s adventure, but you win some, you lose some.

Is everyone contributing to trip planning?

Whoever you’re traveling with, it’s a partnership. If I was putting in all the time to plan the entire trip for my group of friends and no one else contributed, then I would be a bit annoyed. Perhaps more than a bit. I’m not your tour guide for a VIP excursion. Make sure everyone is aligned on a budget from accommodations to restaurants and activities too. You don’t want any big surprises mid-trip.

Can you handle long periods of time together? Even when you’re hangry?!

I love my friends, but for some of them I’m not sure if I can handle an extended period of time together. If that’s the case, set boundaries. Maybe I want to take an afternoon nap in my room one day instead of going to the beach. You don’t have to be bound at the hip for every waking minute on your trip. Also, for those who don’t know what hangry is, it’s when you’re hungry and angry. Usually when traveling I don't always remember to allot time for eating especially on all day excursions. I'm working on that.

Just maybe, the best travel buddy will make sure it's the best trip of your life.

I’m not saying that you 100% should not travel with your BFF…not at all. It’s like when people say you shouldn’t live with your best friend when you go to college. Take it from me…too much time together can potentially damage a friendship. But on the other hand, trips have brought me even closer to friends before too. It’s all about vibing and finding the balance. Speaking of Vacation, this might just be the coolest SPF around. Since launching last year, the award-winning brand has made waves for its “leisure-enhancing,” nostalgia-fueled sunscreens, and Classic Whip is no exception. I mean, have you ever seen whipped sunscreen?! Enjoy 15% off sitewide with JIMMYROX15.

The best travel buddies make the mundane exciting.

Be good,


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