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Playing the Christmas drinking game means no one else can know you're playing.

If sh*t gets awkward at the family dinner table, this Christmas drinking game is for you.

Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year and I hope we're all continuing to stay safe. This festive time also means that you probably get pestered with questions from family that you don't even talk to. Or maybe not, but we're having fun here.

If you want to spice up your holiday dinner, I made this Christmas drinking game for when certain topics come up. But just remember rule #1 – no one can know you're playing the game. So take a sip…finish the glass…the bottle. Whatever you wanna do!

If politics come up…take a sip.

Oh, f*ck no. Haven't we been through enough? Who's doing PR for Fox News because it seems to come up in almost every conversation lately. If you really want to have fun, pretend like you're on the opposite party of whichever you actually support. But really own it, you'll throw everyone off.

If someone asks if you're *still* single…yup take a long sip.

Tell them that you're actually not, that you eloped in Barbados and your significant other couldn't make it because they're in quarantine. If you were seeing someone and you wanted your family to know…they would know.

If they ask what you do for work and they still don't understand…sip sip.

They either genuinely care about what you do or just try to compare it. When I left advertising and started traveling as a journalist, every family function I would get a passive aggressive “but journalists don't make any money”. First of all…how rude. Second of all…that's not true and you shouldn't feel like you need to validate yourself to distant relatives.

If you're a student and someone asks you about your post grad plans…take a

sip *if you're of age*.

For any students reading…you don't need to have a job lined up six months before graduating college! Don't let anyone make you think otherwise. Taking a minute to breathe after graduating and spending the time to find something that you actually want to do sets you up for success instead of just taking the first job that comes your way.

If you really don't want to talk to your awkward aunts and uncles…lower that mask to take a sip.

Wear your mask at dinner. After everything we've seen in the last two years, it wouldn't be weird at all…

If someone at the table isn't vaxxed…chug that beer.

You better f*cking drink. That's all I'm saying.

Additional Buzzwords to drink to because 'tis the damn season!

There are lots of buzzwords for the Christmas drinking game.

We're putting stay safe in our emails again, yikes. Hopefully this Omicron passes soon.

Merry Christmas, JB

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