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Leaving my corporate job was the best thing I could have ever done.

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of? You'll think twice after leaving your corporate job.

I was taught to always have a plan. Go to school, get into a good college, graduate and then get a job. But what comes next? The guard rails are off and the real world is a place where you can thrive or get eaten alive.

I didn’t go to school for journalism, but to become an Art Director in advertising which is exactly what I did for 6 years in New York City after graduating from Syracuse University with a degree in Communications Design.

Although it wasn’t perfect, I loved my job. There were nights where I worked and literally did not go home, but I also got to work on some cool projects that brought me to London and Coachella Music Festival in California.

I haven’t worked in a corporate setting in over 3 years and I’ve never been happier. However, without my advertising experience, I definitely would not be doing what I am right now. I learned a lot. Life lessons (sometimes where you'd least expect) carry you to your next project, your next chapter.

Here are some things that have stuck with me after leaving corporate job hell that might just stick with you too…

Leaving corporate job hell is easier than you think.


Work/life balance is easier said than done.


Hold onto the good people you meet.


Play the game when you have to.


You have nothing to lose.


A little office gossip never hurt anybody.


F*ck the 5-year plan.


Coworkers are not family.

Leaving corporate job hell means a better work-life balance.



Don’t settle for a paycheck (unless that’s what makes you happy).


All those late nights are so irrelevant.


Don’t expect HR to keep your information confidential.


Speak calmly and confidently.


Don’t worry about fitting in.


Your boss is not your friend.

Leaving corporate job hell means leaving your fake friends.

FIFTEEN Chase your MF passions. SIXTEEN Above all, do your best work. SEVENTEEN The unknown is exhilarating. EIGHTEEN Get face time with your clients.

NINETEEN Take notes. TWENTY Protect your values. TWENTY-ONE Always stand up for yourself. Be good, JB PS. Sign up to the best newsletter for weekly shower thoughts. Also, make sure to forward it to a friend and add me to your address book so I don’t land in your spam folder.


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