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Going to concerts solo is acceptable.

Just you, your favorite artist and thousands of screaming fans.

Concerts can be a very intimate experience, if you allow it to be. After listening to their album for months on Spotify, seeing a live performance feels like you're hearing the song for the very first time. Artists on stage speak candidly between tracks, and it'll be a night that you'll remember for a long, long time.

It wasn't until recently that I went to a concert alone – the one and only Billie Eilish. I really loved her album Happier Than Ever and saw that she was performing at Madison Square Garden the same weekend that I was in the city. I wasn't gonna miss it and bought my ticket hours before the show. Why would I skip out just because none of my friends could make it? At 31-years-old I was a bit nervous and I wasn't sure why. I travel all over the world solo so why was I getting hung up on a freaking Billie Eilish show?

I'm glad I didn't let my moments of doubt win because it was an incredible show and I definitely would have regretted it if I didn't go just because I didn't have anyone to go with. So my suggestion is, go to concerts solo.

Dance like no one's watching and go to concerts solo.

It's not weird.

Going out to eat, grabbing a beer, traveling and seeing a movie – people do things solo all the time. A concert shouldn't be any different and you might just score a better seat.

No one is watching you (and if they are, they need to get a life).

You know that feeling when you're walking through the airport and you just feel that everyone is staring you down? Yeah, that's all in your head most of the time. And if it's not, you better run. Just kidding. I recommend getting a nice, cold, $17 beer once you get through security.

You can be whoever TF you want to be.

Not sure why anyone would ask you why you're there alone, but if they do, a white lie to a complete stranger never hurt anybody. Just make sure you really have fun with it – maybe you're chaperoning your niece and her friends who are in general admission or you're a reporter with the New York Times. Wear your shades indoors so they might start asking themselves if they should know who you are. Love to see an elusive persona.

You might just have the best time ever alone.

Don't get me wrong I love going to concerts with friends, but sometimes it becomes a whole ordeal. Cue the running late, losing someone in the crowd mid song and always the one who drinks too much. I'm speculating here, but you might just have yourself a grand ol' time without them.

It really is all about the music. So go to concerts solo.

Without any distractions, you really get to have that intimate night. I see the juxtaposition when I say intimate when it's a stadium full of people, but I really felt like seeing Billie was special. I feel like if I brought a friend who wasn't into her music as much it probably would have taken away from the entire experience.

Be good,


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